Air Jordan series basketball shoes have always represented the continuous breakthrough in technology and pioneering design style of the Jordan brand. The latest release, Air Jordan XXXVIII, perfectly embodies the combination of both. Previously, on the NCAA March Madness stage, Kiki, a basketball player from the UCLA women’s basketball team sponsored by the Jordan brand, wore this shoe, sparking discussions and capturing the attention of many players and basketball enthusiasts. Today, this highly anticipated pair of shoes is officially released, signifying not only the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation but also its support for the next generation of athletes in achieving outstanding performances on the court.

While previous generations of Air Jordan shoes focused on enhancing jumping and propulsion performance, the Air Jordan XXXVIII takes a different approach in its design concept. The design team took inspiration from the agility displayed on the court, drawing from Michael Jordan’s signature turnaround fadeaway jump shot and nimble footwork. For the first time, they introduced the innovative X-Plate midsole support technology, which enables precise and unrestricted multidirectional movement, creating more space on the court. It also helps distribute pressure on the forefoot during continuous running while ensuring optimal shoe-foot integration. The X-shaped design of this component pays homage to the iconic crisscross straps of the Air Jordan VIII. From Flight Plate, Eclipse Plate, IsoPlate, to the current X-Plate, this evolution represents the Jordan brand’s continuous exploration and breakthroughs in technological innovation, as well as its long-term commitment to serving the next generation of athletes and basketball development.

To enhance the efficiency of players’ footwork, the Air Jordan XXXVIII lowers the overall center of gravity, allowing the feet to be closer to the ground. This design provides a better court feel during movements such as pivoting, cutting, and defensive slides. The combination of a full-length Zoom Strobel air cushion unit and Cushlon 3.0 foam provides optimal cushioning feedback and excellent responsiveness. Furthermore, with the collaboration of the X-Plate and the radiating herringbone pattern on the outsole, reliable protection is provided for the feet even during fast movements, while the TPU material closely adhered to the lateral side of the midsole ensures stability during lateral foot movements.

The Air Jordan XXXVIII is not only a clever fusion of flight and speed but also a collision between tradition and innovation. In terms of aesthetics, the hollow embroidery on the front part of the shoe upper balances foot lockdown and breathability, while the hidden details on the rear highlight Jordan’s team accomplishments in 1993 and his dominant statistics in the NBA Finals. The intersecting lines on the lateral collar, the connected geometric patterns below, and the separate lines represent Jordan’s unstoppable performance in that series with an average of 41 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 6.3 assists per game. The three diamond patterns on the medial collar symbolize Jordan completing his first three-peat while wearing the Air Jordan VIII, and the lines below represent the Chicago Bulls’ regular-season record of 57 wins and 25 losses.

The Air Jordan XXXVIII Fundamental, as the debut colorway, will be released on August 18th in adult and grade school sizes. For more release information, please follow the official channels of the Jordan brand.

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